Holly Azzara

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Holly Azzara brings to the Boston tattoo scene a unique and creative vision forged by more than 10 years in the industry. Working for and with some amazing talent not just from the United States but also from around the globe. Working at tattoo conventions on both sides of the Atlantic, Holly has honed her skills and is able to make your tattoo ideas come to fruition is a wide range of styles.

Coming from humble beginnings in this community, Holly has never forgot the people that not only opened doors but also helped make her the internationally recognized artist she has become. Holly is the first to give a nod to her two most prominent mentors: “Little John” Bury and Stephan Lanphear. Following in the footsteps of her mentors Holly is constantly challenging herself and trying to bring her art to the next level not just for her own high standards but also to know that her customers walk out the door with a piece of art they will be proud to show off as much as the pride she feels to have been commissioned to create it.

Sky Winchester

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I have been a professional Tattoo Artist since 1994, working in a number of shops around the country and overseas. Drawing and illustration have long been essential creative expressions for me. The discovery that anything was possible through the application of imagination to a blank canvass immediately had me hooked.

I am influenced by various artists and movements throughout history, most notably the narrative artists of children's books and nature illustration, as well as the movements of expressionists, renaissance, and Ukio-e printmaking. I aim to engage viewers of all ages with works that are layered and complex while simultaneously being basic and universal.

Born and raised in the South West of the United States , and having traveled a great deal throughout the years, I have come to appreciate the style and flavor of americana and chicano art. Focusing my attention on themes of specific ethnic arts and letterforms. I am drawn to the subtleties and differences of visual communication, and the similarities and differences between cultures. I strive to stay versatile and maintain broad horizons, paying special attention to creating works that compliment the natural contours of the human body. I am interested in exploring and expanding my ability to communicate through aesthetic problem solving and experience, and to increase my vocabulary in multiple mediums...

Jaesun Duggan

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Jaesun is a classically trained Artist who has worked in various body modification art forms. Presently Jaesun’s body art practice is completely focused on the ancient art of tattooing, with a special emphasis on the use of symbols in their common, esoteric, and homeopathic applications.

While the styles of his client’s tattoos may vary widely, the objective is always the same; helping individuals find and identify the images that already exist inside them and bring them to the surface. Through his deep and diverse knowledge of spiritual symbols and cultural practices Jaesun assists his clients in arriving at their ideal tattoo experience.


Volker Dietsch

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Full tilt boogie, full blooded German, born in choo choo town, Chattanooga,Tn. Tattooing since Halloween day of 1994. I’m a free thinker, insane on paper but don’t wear a bracelet. I taste colors. Proud owner of Rosie O’Donnell REAL doll and alot of cats. Beer enthusiast and enjoy a thorough shower with tons of conditioner. All of the things I dig, need a heavy coat of Gold Bond. Abstract art and horror make me happy. Graffiti and new school fo eva!!!!! I wipe from front to back.

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Visit the Studio:

565 Mount Auburn St.
Watertown, MA 02472


Sun - Mon: Closed
Tues - Sat: Noon-8(ish)

2015, bring it on!!

I wanted to put of an official “statement” and thank you to everyone, old and new clients, friends, and the ones I call family!! Without you, I don’t know where the fuck I’d be.. In 2008 my...

30 Dec
Asheville Tattoo Expo This Weekend!!!

This weekend, Holly will be one of the artists attending the Asheville Tattoo Expo in North Carolina.. They have a lot in store for everyone including a music festival.. Holly will be teaming up with TeeJay...

18 Jun
Last Day to Vote!!!

We are so proud to be nominated and to be listed on the Boston A-List!! Its an honor to be able to be a part of this wonderful area and create for all of you.. Today is the last day to vote and we would...

26 Jul
Show Us Some Love!!

All of us here would love it if you could take a moment and vote for us here!! http://boston.cityvoter.com/always-and-forever-tattoo/biz/663400 It just takes a minute and we will appreciate it so much...

17 Jul
Operation Take Back Watertown

As many of your already know, our lovely community of Watertown and Boston have gone through hell this last week.. I’m not going to get into the details because you already know what happened.. I...

23 Apr
mutha fuggin’ SALE!!!

For the next month, because we love you all, we’re having a webstore sale!!! go to alwaysforevertattoo.bigcartel.com, buy some shit, and type in discount code WINTERSALE to receive 10% off ALL MERCHANDISE!!...

14 Jan
2013! Fuck Yeah!

We would like to welcome everyone to a brand new year! First off I would like to thank everyone again that has been here for us and given us the opportunity to create some pretty kick ass tattoos for you.....

05 Jan
Studio Holiday Update!!

Hello everyone out there!!! So its been a little while since we last updated.. The end of the year has brought us some great projects with some great clients, old and new.. I am working like crazy towards...

04 Dec
Boston Tattoo Convention!! This Labor Day Weekend!!!

Come on out this Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2012, get tattooed and hang out with Holly and Jae with our special guest, Lake Ness Monster!!! The studio will be closed all weekend but for appointment info call us...

28 Aug
Boston Tattoo Convention 2012, here we come!

It’s coming up fast! Both Holly and Jae will be attending the 2012 Boston Tattoo Convention along with some special guests and amazing artists. Be sure to come check out our booth to grab a special...

06 Aug
That’s a lot of lines!

So I am very thankful to everyone that has helped make the studios  first year what it was.. And, there is no slowing down around here! I have been working on a whole slew of new projects for you wonderful...

11 Jun
Fun times at Hell City

So I kind of suck at documenting at times while Im at a convention, BUT my dear friend TeeJay of White Tiger Tattoo did a great job and made this blog post about the weekend and all the happenings of the...

10 May
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